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4 Makeup FAQs From Full-Service Salon Pros August 31, 2017

Strong, Rochester
4 Makeup FAQs From Full-Service Salon Pros, Rochester, New York

Ask anyone who wields a makeup brush every morning, and they’ll tell you that it’s so much more than just fun—it’s a real art form! Beauty products let people unleash their creativity and enhance their natural beauty in new and exciting ways. There’s a certain level of know-how involved in proper application, however; the staff at Mark & M.E., the leading full-service salon in Rochester, NY, has a few makeup FAQs you should know as a foundation (get it?) for the rest of your look.

Full Service Salon Shares What to Know About Makeup

What Is Foundation?

Think of foundation as creating a perfectly even starting point for your look. Foundation is formulated to conceal imperfections, mask redness, and subtly give your skin a natural finish. You can build up your coverage or keep it light, and you can also add concealer for more stubborn spots that require some heavy-duty attention.

What Is the Best Way to Brighten Up?

A pale complexion is lovely, but if you want to brighten up your skin just a bit you can use a variety of products. Blush instantly perks up a neutral face by adding a flush of natural color to the cheekbones. You can also dust it on the temples, the tip of your nose, and the chin to achieve a more allover glow. Bronzer is another option that will give you a sun-kissed, beach-appropriate finish.

What Is a Simple Eye Look?

makeupToday’s modern secret to beautiful eyes is actually all in the eyebrows! Your brows frame your face and can change your expression instantly. You might opt to schedule a waxing or microblading appointment to give your brows a little love. Then, focus on your makeup. Brush on a neutral shadow and add two coats of mascara for an easy look that’s appropriate for daily wear.

What Are the Different Lip Products?

Once upon a time, lipstick was the sole player in the wide world of beauty products. Modern collections include everything from balms to stains to glosses to liners, and each one has its purpose. Balms are designed to moisturize; stains are meant to last the day; glosses add a gleaming finish; and liners help create definition.

Another tip—sticking with a few tried-and-true products can give you an element of consistency in your makeup routine. If you’re interested in amplifying your routine with a few amazing treatments, visit the team at Mark & M.E., where you can revamp your brows, get a fabulous new hairstyle, or indulge your skin. Call the full-service salon at (585) 473-7360 to schedule an appointment for waxing, skin care, hair, or nails. You can also visit their website to learn more.

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