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A Defense Attorney's Tips for Avoiding a DUI August 29, 2017

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A Defense Attorney's Tips for Avoiding a DUI, Warner Robins, Georgia

A DUI charge on your record will follow you for years, even after your sentence is over. Avoiding that charge will help you keep insurance rates down, stay out of jail, and save money. In addition to choosing a good defense attorney, there are several steps you can take to keep your record clean.

How to Avoid a DUI

1. Plan Your Evenings

Before you have a drink, make sure you have a solid plan in place for getting home, and then stick to it. Sometimes, even getting into your car to sleep it off can be construed as an intent to drive while intoxicated, so plan accordingly.

2. Consider Pleas Strategically

If you do end up in front of a judge, know beforehand what you're going to say. Entering a guilty plea means you'll have that DUI on your record no matter what, so think long and hard before agreeing to do so. Your defense attorney can help you strategize.

3. Investigate Your Case

Defense AttorneyBefore your hearing, find out what evidence is being used in your case and see whether you can use any of it to your advantage. Camera footage and even BAC test results may be your friend if the officer didn't follow legal protocols.

4. Get the Charge Reduced

Even if you can't get out of a conviction, you may be able to have the charge changed to something less damaging. Reckless driving is still bad, but not as bad as a DUI. Talk to your DUI lawyer about the possibility.

5. Hiring the Right Lawyer

A skilled lawyer on your side is your best asset once your case goes to court. Choose a defense attorney with experience in DUIs. Ask about your attorney's track record in similar cases and discuss strategies before you hire them.


The Walker Firm in Warner Robins, GA, provides legal advice and representation in personal injury and criminal law. DUI cases are a focus at this firm, and their record speaks for itself. To arrange a consultation on your case, call (478) 923-4152 or contact them online.

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