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How to Cope After Divorce September 4, 2017

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How to Cope After Divorce, Martinsburg, West Virginia

Even a peaceful divorce is a major change to your life, and if the process was contentious, the emotional toll is even greater. It can be difficult to recover from such a huge disruption. If you feel lost after your divorce, there are a few things you can do to find a way forward.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

You've just experienced a major loss—the loss of a significant relationship and a way of life. It's normal to need time to recover from an event like this. Make allowances for yourself and give yourself that time.

Accept Your Feelings

After the difficulties you've faced, you likely have a complex mixture of emotions, some of which may not seem like the “right” way to feel. This is also normal. Whether you're feeling anger, grief, confusion, relief, regret, or any mixture of the above, accept what you're feeling as a valid reaction and try to avoid discrediting yourself.

Talk to Loved Ones

DivorceEmotional turmoil is always easiest to face with the support of those close to you. Find someone, or several people, among your family and friends who you feel comfortable confiding in.

Create a Routine

One of the best ways to get used to change is to establish a new normal. Cultivate new habits, including mealtimes, work schedules, sleep patterns, and hobbies which will help you settle in to your new life.

Look to the Future

You're in a difficult situation right now, but the distress you're experiencing won't last forever. Looking forward to that future can help keep you from feeling hopeless in the present.

Divorce is difficult for everyone who goes through it, but with good self-care, support, and a little perspective, you can get through the experience. Focus on healing, and keep moving forward.


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