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​3 Clever Home Remodeling Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value January 22, 2015

Monroe, Butler
​3 Clever Home Remodeling Ideas to Boost Your Home’s Value, Monroe, Ohio

House remodeling is one of the most satisfying ways to turn your house into a comfortable and stylish home for you and your family. But remodeling projects can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not careful with your budget or your time. The experts at Arco Remodeling have put together this list of their favorite home remodeling ideas to help give you the most bang for your buck.

Consider tackling these home remodeling projects, with the help of Arco Remodeling, for an updated look and to bring new value to your home:

  • Replace Siding: A home’s siding plays a pivotal role; not only does it protect the home against the elements, it gives your home character. Whether your home’s siding is worn and needs repairing or you feel it’s outdated and needs a makeover, Arco Remodeling offers homeowners a variety of options, including vinyl, aluminum, and cedar. With siding replacement, homeowners can see over a 70% return on investment.
  • Install Skylights: Skylights are a beautiful addition to the home, and Arco has been providing professionally installed skylights for over 15 years. Not only will skylights let in more natural, refreshing sunlight, they will help cut costs on electricity. Brighten up dark areas in the home and bring the feeling of the outdoors inside.
  • Paint & Stain: Just as painting the home’s interior can revitalize each room, so too can painting or staining the home’s exterior. A new coat of paint will increase the home’s property value and enhance its curb appeal. Best of all? Painting and staining are two of the least expensive home remodels. 

If you’re ready to turn your home remodeling ideas into a reality, call the professional remodeling contractors at Arco Remodeling today at (513) 360-0778. Visit them online to set up a free consultation or to learn more about their interior and exterior remodeling services.

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