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The Top 3 Qualities of an Executive Protection Professional August 21, 2017

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The Top 3 Qualities of an Executive Protection Professional, Waldorf, Maryland

The importance of your personal safety and that of your family cannot be overstated, which is why Anderson Protection Services in Waldorf, MD, offers executive protection service for government officials, VIPs, celebrities, and anyone else who needs top-quality personal protection. They only staff the highest caliber of security personnel who are trained to protect their clients from unwanted threats and other hostile activities. Because their protection services are top of the line, Anderson Protection Services has strict standards for becoming an executive protection professional.

3 Important Qualities Executive Protection Professionals Must Have

1. Licensed & Trained to Effectively Use Weapons

executive-protectionPersonal security professionals only use force when absolutely necessary. While the use of weapons is not common, executive protection professionals must be licensed and trained to use them to thwart would-be attacks. This training is essential for knowing how to tactfully handle even the most high-stress situations.

2. Skilled in Self-Defense & Martial Arts

Personal security escorts must know how to suppress attackers at a moment’s notice. This is where years of self-defense training comes in handy. This type of training allows security professionals to neutralize a threat quickly, especially in close-range situations.

3. Adapted to Handle Whatever Situation They Are In

No two situations are the same in the world of personal security. Being able to adapt to a sudden emergency or looming attack can make a big difference in ensuring your safety, which is why armed escorts are trained to spring into action when needed.

Don’t settle when it comes to protecting your family, your security, or your assets. Anderson Protection Services’ executive protection professionals are available to keep you safe in the face of any threat. Call them at (888) 639-9905 or visit them online to learn more about their personal protection and private investigation services.