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10th Annual Hopebox Derby August 11, 2017

Westside Covington, Covington
10th Annual Hopebox Derby, Covington, Kentucky

The 2017 Hopebox Derby is just weeks away, so make plans to attend now!  On September 9th at 11:00 am, corporate car teams will begin the race for the coveted traveling trophy.  This year we are celebrating our 10th race, and are thrilled and excited to make it the best year yet!  Included in the free event are cornhole, an antique car show, children’s activity area and food and beverages.  Also, check out the silent auction and grand prize raffle.  This year’s raffle winner gets a choice of two plane tickets to either New York City or Chicago via Ultimate Air; a second ticket will be drawn an awarded the plane tickets to the remaining destination.  With two chances to win you can’t go wrong; tickets are $10 a piece and on sale now. All proceeds benefit HealthPoint Family Care’s Healthcare for the Homeless program, where we provide free medical, dental and behavioral health services to the homeless population in Northern Kentucky.  Join us on the 9th at Wright’s Summit Business Park off of Kyles Lane in Ft. Wright, KY.  If you are interested in sponsoring or raffle tickets please contact Alie Napier-Stout at 859-655-6157 or anapier@healthpointfc.org.  If you are interested in volunteering please click here to sign up. For more information check out our website or find us on Facebook

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