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5 Hair Weave Mistakes to Avoid September 1, 2017

Jamaica, Queens
5 Hair Weave Mistakes to Avoid, Queens, New York

Buying a hair extension or hair weave is a great way to accentuate your natural beauty or experiment with a new look. Just like your natural locks, weaves need to be maintained, so they always look their best. This guide outlines five of the most common mistakes people make when wearing hair pieces. Avoiding these errors will help you take good care of your investment.

Skipping Custom Styling

Weave installation are normally  sewn in, so you should bring it to your favorite stylist for a professional application. In addition to making sure the weave is secure, they’ll also help it blend in with your natural hair. Once the weave is in place, have the stylist give you a fresh, new cut that makes everything look seamless.

Neglecting the Hairline

hair weave Brooklyn NYSome people buy extensions/weaves that are different from their natural texture. If you plan to straighten or curl your hair to match the inserts, it’s important to get all the way down to the hairline and root. This masks any differences between the two types of hair and creates a flawless style.

Leaving Bundles Attached for Too Long

High-quality extensions/weaves can last anywhere from six months to a year.  The installation process can last three – four months.  Although you might be tempted to leave yours for in this long, you should take breaks periodically. Have the weave taken out roughly every eight weeks. This allows your scalp and natural hair to rest. You can also take this time to condition the weave and restore its texture and shine.

Forgetting to Wash

Even though weaves don’t get greasy the same way natural hair does, they still need to be cleaned because you touch and style the strands. Stylists recommend washing at least twice a week to eliminate oily buildup and odors. It’s also important to make sure the natural hair underneath dries completely to protect your scalp and weave. 

Purchasing Low-Quality Products

Hair weaves should be seen as an investment in your appearance. Look for genuine human hair rather than synthetic products to get the most natural-looking results. High-quality bundles give you the texture, color, and shine you want, so you feel confident and beautiful.


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