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How Red Light Therapy Helps With Pain Management August 23, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
How Red Light Therapy Helps With Pain Management, Honolulu, Hawaii

Chronic pain is a frustrating and debilitating condition that can make it hard to complete daily tasks. For many people, red light therapy has provided relief by targeting the cause of their particular condition. If you're battling constant pain and discomfort, learn how adding this treatment to your pain management strategy can help.

3 Ways Red Light Therapy Can Assist With Pain Management

1. Reduces Inflammation

Pain ManagementWhen your body thinks it's injured, it attempts to protect the problem area by sending fluid filled with white, infection-fighting blood cells. This fluid buildup causes swelling that negatively impacts nerve cells in the vicinity, causing pain. Light therapy has been shown to curtail such inflammation, making it a vital component of pain management strategies. This is especially the case for conditions like arthritis.

2. Increases Blood Flow

Some individuals experience pain as a result of decreased blood flow, which is a common symptom of diseases like diabetes. When circulation is impeded, blood can’t carry oxygen to cells in affected areas, causing pain and swelling. Red light therapy combats such issues by relaxing the veins and allowing more blood flow to make its way through. When oxygen and nutrient levels are restored to the area, pain is alleviated.

3. Promotes Healing

Another reason to consider red light therapy for your pain management is its ability to spur the healing process. According to a recent study, cells react to different types of light, and in the case of red wavelengths, the body responds with an increased rate of cell turnover which allows it heal itself sooner. This results in quicker repairs on damaged tissue and therefore swifter relief.


If you're suffering from chronic pain, Body Fix can help. Located in Honolulu, HI, their company specializes in red light therapy to treat a variety of issues, from pain management to scar removal. Their team of highly trained professionals offers a customer-oriented approach to ensure everyone receives the right treatment for their needs. Visit their website to learn more about the process, or schedule your consultation by calling (808) 597-1110.