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Explaining the Difference Between Hard & Soft Water October 2, 2017

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Explaining the Difference Between Hard & Soft Water, Henrietta, New York

Some regions have what’s known as hard water. Unlike its opposite, soft water, it contains more dissolved minerals, such as lime, calcium, and magnesium. It isn’t particularly harmful; however, it can be problematic for household appliances. This is why many Rochester, NY, households use water softening systems from Anderson Water Systems. Below, the company explains the main differences between hard and soft water.

Hard Water

Since it contains extra minerals, hard water leaves deposits on fixtures and appliances; it may taste metallic, as well. Also known as scale, mineral deposits are not harmful to health but can gradually degrade the performance of dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters. Hard water also creates a film when exposed to most soaps, causing clothes and dishes to appear less clean and shampooed hair to feel greasier and limper. To avoid these issues, a water softening system is needed.

Soft Water

water softeningSoft water isn’t completely mineral-free and will usually contain trace amounts of sodium. For this reason, soft water may be saltier than hard water, but it won’t have a metallic taste. The main advantage of water softening systems is making cleaning and personal hygiene much easier. When mixed with soaps or detergents, it will lather up as expected and won’t leave a film. It also takes less of a toll on appliances since it doesn’t leave as many mineral deposits.

If you have hard water and want to do something about it, get in touch with Anderson Water Systems. They install water softening systems throughout Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY. To request your free, in-home water analysis, call (585) 385-6610. More information about their filtration systems, standby generators, and other products is available online. You can also learn more about them on Facebook.

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