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3 Awesome Benefits of "Mommy & Me" Gymnastics Classes August 30, 2017

Hawthorne, Passaic
3 Awesome Benefits of "Mommy & Me" Gymnastics Classes, Hawthorne, New Jersey

It can be tough getting children to be active, especially with all the high-tech gaming systems on the market. Children and some adults would rather play alone on their cellphones than outside together. Gymnastics is an excellent way to get your little one interested in fitness. Elite Gymnastics of Hawthorne, NJ, has a one-of-a-kind facility that offers “Mommy and Me” classes in which you and your kid can bond while engaging in healthy activities.

Below, the team shares a few benefits of parent and child exercise classes:

  • gymnastics classesTeaches Children About Physical Fitness: These fitness programs require both parent and child to do a lot of movement and activity. While you work on your physical health, you’re teaching your child the importance of maintaining their well-being. You’re also showing them that exercising doesn’t have to be a chore; workouts and sports, like gymnastics, can be fun!
  • Promotes Socializing: “Mommy and Me” classes offer both parents and children the opportunity to interact with their peers. It helps toddlers develop their social skills by introducing them to new sights, sounds, activities, and people. For adults, it’s a great way to meet new friends and build a support system.
  • Strengthens Bonds Between Parent & Child: Taking a fitness class with your child helps you connect with them. You can relax and have fun with your little one in a safe, positive environment. It will also build confidence in yourselves and each other. 

If you’re located in Passaic or Bergen County, try out a “Mommy and Me” class at Elite Gymnastics. While you’re there, make it a day of fun and take advantage of the art room and rock wall too. Call (973) 423-4040 today and speak with a friendly staff member. You can also visit them online to find out more about their current schedules and other services, including gymnastics classes and swim lessons.