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How to Roll Your Own Smokes With a Rolling Machine August 25, 2017

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How to Roll Your Own Smokes With a Rolling Machine, Palm Bay, Florida

Want to know the easiest and cheapest way to roll your own smokes? If you want to save money and enjoy a top-quality product, rolling machines are essential smoking accessories. These machines allow you to invest in high-quality tobacco without the additives found in store-bought brands. 

If you’ve already invested in a rolling machine, Smokes 4 Less—servicing the Hobbs, NM, Palm Bay, FL, and Melbourne, FL, areas—offers the following how-to on these handy devices.

Read on to discover their tips for rolling your own smokes.

Start With Some Quality Tobacco

rolling machineWhen you roll your own smokes with a rolling machine, it pays to invest in top-quality tobacco. By smoking all-natural, loose-leaved tobacco, you will not only enhance the flavor of your smokes, but you will also avoid the chemicals and additives pumped into store-bought brands. Trustworthy smoke shops carry 100% loose-leaf tobacco that contains no reconstituted tobacco or additives.

Prepare to Roll

Start by preparing your smoking accessories. Position the roller so it faces you, and have your paper and tobacco at the ready. Then, unhinge the roller and pack the center with tobacco. Close the roller and begin moving it counterclockwise, like a scroll. Roll the scroll open and closed, while keeping the roller shut. This will pack your tobacco into place.

Finish With Paper

With the hinged roller facing you, carefully pull the roller downward, toward you. Insert the adhesive side of the paper so it’s facing you, and begin rolling the paper into the roller. When it is almost completely in, lick the adhesive side of the paper. Continue by rolling the rest of the paper into the machine. Finish by rolling the paper a couple of extra times before opening the mechanism. Congratulations on rolling your own smoke!

If you need more guidance on where to purchase quality tobacco—as well as the best rolling machine option for you—consult your favorite local smoke shop. Smokes 4 Less has specialists on hand to answer all of your questions, as well as take orders. You can also visit their website for more information.

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