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Rochester's Water Filter Experts List 5 Top Signs of Dehydration October 23, 2017

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Rochester's Water Filter Experts List 5 Top Signs of Dehydration, Henrietta, New York

Almost every process in your body, from eliminating waste to moving your muscles and basic cellular functions, relies on water. During physical activity, your body spends a great deal of moisture trying to keep your temperature down, putting you at serious risk of dehydration. To avoid this potentially serious condition, keep an eye out for the following signs, and consider adding water filters to your home to improve the taste of your drinking water.

5 Top Signs of Dehydration

1. Increased Thirst & Dry Mouth

water filterWhen many people feel thirsty, they turn to caffeinated beverages, juice, or sweet tea to satisfy their cravings. Unfortunately, many of these drinks are diuretics, which deplete your water reserves even further. When you’re feeling thirsty, only water will give your body the hydration it needs.

2. Sleepiness & Lethargy

When your cells don’t have enough water, they can’t provide you with the energy you need. Dehydration usually leaves people feeling lethargic and tired, even if they’re getting enough sleep.

3. Low Urine Volume

When dehydrated, your body will attempt to preserve water by reducing your urine output. In addition to going to the bathroom less frequently, you’ll also notice your urine appearing darker or more yellow than normal.

4. Dizziness

Lacking water can also cause dizzy spells and lightheadedness. In extreme cases, you may even find it difficult to stand.

5. Dry Skin

Without sufficient blood volume and moisture, you may suffer patches of dry, flaky skin. Your skin may also lose some of its elasticity, making it take awhile to return to its normal shape after you pinch it.


A good water filter makes staying hydrated easy, giving you access to a limitless supply of clean, delicious H20 free of minerals and contaminants. Anderson Water Systems in Rochester, NY, provides some of the most advanced water filters and purification systems on the market and industry-leading expertise. Visit their website to see how they can give you better drinking water, follow their Facebook for more tips and advice, or call (585) 385-6610 to schedule your free, in-home evaluation today.

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