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3 Ways a Student Travel Program Gets Teens out of Their Comfort Zone September 1, 2017

White Plains, Westchester
3 Ways a Student Travel Program Gets Teens out of Their Comfort Zone, White Plains, New York

Traveling to new and faraway places is one of the best ways to learn more about the world, but it also lets you discover more about yourself. Student travel programs offered by Zeal Adventure & Travel in White Plains, NY, teach students about different cultures and let them experience once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. They also help teenagers go outside the comfort zone and learn to respond to new and unexpected situations.

Below are a few ways a student travel program helps kids build confidence and break out of their bubble:

  • Encourages Them to Leave the Routine: Comfort zones are established by engaging in the same activities and behavior repeatedly. This routine minimizes the risk and stress of life and creates a mental state of security. However, it also means any disruption can cause anxiety in many people. By going somewhere new, a teen might experience feelings of apprehension and risk. However, it will teach them the only way to accomplish goals is by challenging themselves and getting away from familiar surroundings.
  • Student travel program White Plains NYLets Them Make Decisions: Teenagers have few opportunities to make decisions when traveling with family — parents usually call the shots. A youth travel program presents choices so they can do and see what they want. They can pick a destination that appeals to them, whether it’s a summer community service trip or teen travel camp. They might feel apprehension as they embark on a solo adventure, but they will have chances to bond with many others who share their interests. They will create memories and expand their worldview.
  • Forces Them to Speak Up: Many teens have trouble expressing what they want — especially when talking with strangers. Traveling helps them get over that hesitancy because they will have to ask for directions or recommendations from locals at some point. While they might feel nervous at first, they soon will find the rewards outweigh their shyness.

Zeal Adventure & Travel shows students how wonderful the world is outside their comfort zone. Call (844) 282-9325 to speak with a representative of the business about their student travel programs and visit their website to learn more about their teen tours and adventure trips. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for additional insight from their travel experts.