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3 Places You Haven’t Considered for Your Next Trip October 2, 2017

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3 Places You Haven’t Considered for Your Next Trip, Glastonbury, Connecticut

From travel protection to optimum flights, there's a lot to consider before jet-setting. Still, visiting places around the world offers unique opportunities and the ability to experience other cultures, gaining new perspectives everywhere you go. If you’re planning your next trip, skip the usual destinations, like Paris, Sydney, London, and Tokyo, and expand your horizons.

Below is a quick list of less-traveled destinations:

1. Bhutan

travel insuranceA Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayan mountains, you’ll find stunning views, a breathtaking monastery, and impressive architecture. And with the country’s devotion to environmentally-friendly tourism, you can travel guilt-free. In fact, this is the first country to achieve a negative carbon footprint — meaning, they help the planet more than they hurt it. 

2. Nicaragua

For an unusual retreat, the famous tree house resorts in Nicaragua offer an opportunity to truly commune with nature. As the largest country in Central America, this beautiful land offers high affordability and even the chance to kayak around a chain of islands. Just be smart and invest in travel insurance before you begin your forest-based adventure.

3. Peru

Like Nicaragua, Peru offers a unique resort — though perhaps designed more for the daredevil in you. If you love adventure, check out the transparent pods located on the side of a mountain in Cuzco. Climb the mountain to reach your room and zip line down when you're ready to go into town. Even if this adventure doesn't thrill you, Machu Picchu is an impressive sight, and Pisco is a stop you will not want to miss.

Whether you choose a road less traveled or a popular getaway, travel protection is essential. From flight cancellations to travel medication, it’s important to be prepared. Visit to find the plan that is right for you.
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