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Do I Need Computer Repair? September 1, 2017

Clearwater, Pinellas
Do I Need Computer Repair?, Clearwater, Florida

Computers are complex machines, and if yours has stopped working, you need expert help. But many computer problems are small at first glance or have strange symptoms that are hard to identify. So how do you know when you need computer repair? Florida computer shop Experimac Clearwater recommends watching for the following signs:

1. Slow Performance

Over time, computers become slower, but if you notice your computer's speed drastically declining, it's time to bring it in. At best, you're seeing clogged-up memory and inefficient programs. At worst, your computer may have a virus.

2. Ports Don't Work

If your machine has USB ports or other points of connection that don't work, you may have a physical problem with your computer's hardware. If the issue is a specific external device that won't run, the driver software may be the culprit.

3. Computer RepairNo Sound

If your volume is all the way up and you still can't hear anything, your sound card may be damaged or faulty. This is an easy fix, and a repair will get your sound running again in no time.

4. Crashes

One program crashing usually isn’t a major problem. Software isn't always compatible with every system, and even if compatibility isn't the issue, computers sometimes experience odd errors. But if you've dealt with multiple programs freezing or the whole system crashing, you should bring your computer to an expert for help.

5. Can't Connect to the Internet

As with sound, this problem is likely because of a faulty component in your computer's hardware. Check that you've enabled access and that your modem and router are working. If that doesn't solve the problem, you may need professional assistance.

With all the complicated systems that work together in a computer, glitches are almost inevitable—but the good news is there's an easy solution. If you need laptop repairs or are having trouble with your Apple devices, the computer whizzes at Experimac Clearwater can help. To schedule a time to come in, call (727) 281-2282 or get in touch online.

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