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What Is the Financial Impact of a Serious Conviction Involving Your Child? August 17, 2017

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What Is the Financial Impact of a Serious Conviction Involving Your Child?, Beacon, New York

Most parents would do anything in the world for their children, even when they are facing serious criminal charges. Along with the emotional impact of a conviction involving your child, there is also a financial component that can ravage one’s assets. That’s why criminal attorney Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. urges clients in Hudson Valley, NY, to be aware of the financial implications involved.

Here, the criminal attorney discusses a couple of the burdens parents may face:

Court Costs

criminal attorneyA day in court is costly, especially for criminal cases, which are usually more involved and expensive than civil matters. Depending on the crime, accessing a solid criminal defense can run thousands of dollars or more if a case goes on for an extended period of time and as your criminal attorney gathers evidence to build their side. 


In addition to court costs, your child will also be subject to fines related to his or her indiscretion. For instance, depending on the situation, they may also be subject to punitive damages, which are intended to deter people from committing crimes of a similar nature. When combining courts fees with these mandatory payments, many families feel the need to use a portion or even all of their assets to make certain their child has the best possible chance of a successful outcome.

Whether you are facing drunk driving charges, are in search of a car accident lawyer, or have questions related to severe criminal charges, Anthony DeFazio Law P.C. offers reliable legal guidance that Hudson Valley clients have come to know and trust. Schedule your consultation today by calling (845) 831-3606. You can also visit him online to learn more about what a criminal attorney can do for you.

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