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A Material Supply Company Lends Its Support to the Jim Vlock First Year Building Project August 23, 2017

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A Material Supply Company Lends Its Support to the Jim Vlock First Year Building Project, Wallingford Center, Connecticut

Yale is an esteemed learning institution that retains an iconic image throughout Connecticut. This school also does it part to give back to the community via the Jim Vlock First Year Building Project, which provides housing to families in need. Meriden, CT, material supplies provider The L. Suzio York Hill Companies is also a staunch supporter of the local community, which is why they work in conjunction with both Yale as well as other organizations to better the lives of locals.

A Noble Goal

In 1967, Charles W. Moore initiated the First Year Building Project to give Yale students hands-on experience in the architectural realm. The concept quickly evolved to one of an altruistic aim; disheartened by unjust political climate sweeping across the country, Moore decided his students’ abilities could be put to use for greater purposes. This entailed building a home for a family in need in an area that lacked access to economic opportunities.

Partnerships With Charitable Organizations

material supplyOver the years, the First Year Building Project branched out to form partnerships with other charitable organizations with the same goal in mind. This includes respected organizations such as Common Ground, Habitat for Humanity, and Columbus House. To complete these single-family homes, certain material supplies are needed, and they can incur steep costs.

The L. Suzio York Hill Companies Does Its Part

For many years, the team at Suzio has done their part to support the ambitious aims of the First Year Building Project. As a leading material supply company in south central Connecticut, they provide students the supplies they need to build homes for local families. Suzio recognizes the impact of such charitable endeavors and truly cares about the local community. All families should have a safe and beautiful home, despite their financial status.

In Meriden, CT, the L. Suzio York Hill Companies offers a wide array of building materials, from crushed stone to flowable fill. Call (203) 237-8421 to learn more about what this material supply company can do for you. You can also visit them online for more information on the full range of services offered.

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