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Water Filters & Other Tricks for Drinking More Water September 18, 2017

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Water Filters & Other Tricks for Drinking More Water, Henrietta, New York

Drinking enough water each day is an essential part of human health. Too little intake can leave you dehydrated, exhausted, and even ill. To help ensure they’re drinking enough each day, many individuals consult with water purification companies to improve the quality of their water. Based in Rochester, NY, Anderson Water Systems has become known as the region’s most trusted specialist. Whether you are looking for a water filter or a softening mechanism, these pros will optimize your water. 

Here are four tips from the staff to help you drink more water:  

  • water filterAdd Some Flavor: Some individuals simply don’t love the taste of water, but with some added flavor, you may get more enjoyment out of it. Dropping a lemon wedge or a few slices of cucumber into your water jug will enhance the taste. 
  • Install a Filter: Many residents keep their distance from tap water because they worry about its quality. A water filter installed on your sink can alleviate those anxieties and purify your H2O before it enters your glass. 
  • Leave Out a Jug: Since water may not be the most exciting drink, when you don’t see it in front of you, it can be out of sight, out of mind. By placing a large carafe full of water on the counter or table, you’ll have a constant visual reminder. 
  • Develop a Routine: Creating a habit of drinking water at certain times in the day can also up your intake. By having a glass with every meal and at other specified time points throughout the day, you’ll condition yourself to get an optimal amount. Using your phone to set reminder times can be a helpful tool. 

To install the right water filter in your home, reach out to Anderson Water Systems. You can discuss your specific needs by calling (585) 385-6610. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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