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What Is a Root Canal & When Is It Necessary? August 31, 2017

Lorain, Lorain
What Is a Root Canal & When Is It Necessary?, Lorain, Ohio

For most people, the mere mention of the words “root canal” has them running for the hills. Although this procedure falls along the lines of general dentistry, many people don’t know a root canal is simply a deep cleaning of your tooth combined with a full filling. Being prescribed one doesn’t always have to induce panic. Instead, by educating themselves on what the process actually entails and why it can be so helpful, patients can feel calmer and enjoy healthier teeth for years to come. 

Your Guide to Root Canals

What Is a Root Canal, Exactly?

Before the root canal procedure begins, your dentist will numb your entire mouth with a strong local anesthetic. Then, they’ll start by drilling an access point through the surface of the problematic tooth. This will allow them to remove the nerves from inside the tooth as well as the blood vessels so the entire area can be thoroughly sanitized. 

root canalAfter the interior material has been removed, the dentist will use a number of tools called files to access the roots for the deepest possible clean. Once the entire are has been cleaned from the inside out, the tooth is filled with a rubber compound, and the access point is sealed with a filling. Dentists usually finish the job with a permanent crown, as the the tooth is more brittle without its blood vessels and nerves.

Why Might I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals become necessary when the interior material of your tooth becomes infected and painfully inflamed. Tooth decay, trauma, or disease can all have a negative effect on its structural integrity and root system, so to preserve them, a root canal will help. Patients should understand the symptoms of the need for root canal, as an unaddressed, infected tooth can lead to more serious problems. Signs you need to call a dentist include pain, sensitivity to pressure and heat, tissue damage around the tooth, and discoloration. 


If you’re dealing with the pain of a deep dental infection in Lorain, OH, it’s time to call the team at C.R. Sfeir D.D.S., General Dentistry. For more than 20 years, this group of dental experts has helped locals keep their smiles clean, healthy, and happy. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (440) 960-5200.

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