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Statesboro's Pest Removal Experts Debunk 3 Common Pest Myths August 16, 2017

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Statesboro's Pest Removal Experts Debunk 3 Common Pest Myths, Statesboro, Georgia

No home is completely immune from pests, so eventually, all homeowners will have to deal with issues like mosquitoes and mice. According to the professionals at Quality Exterminators of Georgia, many individuals are underestimating the power of such nuisances because of false narratives that they've heard in the past. Luckily, the Statesboro, GA, pest removal experts are here to debunk three common myths and provide detailed explanations of the truth.

3 Myths Debunked By Top Pest Removal Experts

Myth: You Only Have to Worry About Mosquitoes at Dawn & Dusk

Statesboro's Pest Removal Experts Debunk 3 Common Pest Myths | Quality Exterminators of Georgia Inc in Statesboro, GAThe moist, humid atmosphere provided by Georgia summers is the perfect location for all-day mosquito activity. While they tend to become more lively around sunrise and sunset, they aren't restricted to a certain time of day. However, you can reduce their numbers and avoid potential bites by working with pest removal experts to eradicate mosquitoes on your property.

Myth: You Don't Need to Worry About Rodents if You Own a Cat

Cats are great pets, and while they have a natural hunting instinct, it typically doesn't kick in for our well-fed furry friends in the same way that it does for their feral counterparts. Since they're used to normal meals provided by their owners, they lack the desire and need to handle an established mouse or rat population. This lack of will makes it nearly impossible for a homeowner to get rid of such problems on their own, so contacting a rodent removal service is often the best choice.

Myth: A Single Ant Isn't Cause for Concern

Ants aren't loners, so if there is one, there are hundreds or thousands of others nearby. The pests rely on scouts to go out and find new food sources, and when once they do, the rest of the gatherers follow the scent left behind on their way to their new supply spot. When this location also happens to be your kitchen, you can inspect a total infestation within the span of a few hours. It's important to act quickly to avoid the colony taking over your home.

As displayed above, believing myths can turn a small incident into a huge pest problem. If your home is experiencing issues with insects or rodents, contact the pest removal experts at Quality Exterminators of Georgia. The skilled team offers quick, efficient, and reliable pest services throughout the Greater Statesboro area. Learn more by visiting them online, and schedule your consultation by calling (912) 764-6173.