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4 Maintenance Tips for Your Security Camera System August 30, 2017

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4 Maintenance Tips for Your Security Camera System, Conway, Arkansas

A security camera system is a smart investment that will protect your home or business and give you priceless peace of mind. To get the most from your purchase, you must maintain the equipment so it always will work when you need it. Digital Alarm Systems in Russellville, AR, is the state’s leading source for Honeywell video surveillance installations and explains the best things to do to keep your camera in excellent shape.

4 Tasks of Security Camera System Upkeep

Schedule Semiannual Inspections

Have your camera inspected at least twice a year by a security system technician. They will examine the equipment’s casing for signs of water penetration and its interior components for corrosion that could cause an electronic malfunction. They also will ensure the battery or power connections are in good condition.

Clean Lenses

Every security camera system needs clean lenses to be effective, so check regularly to verify they’re delivering a clear picture. Wipe away dirt, smudges, and water spots with a microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution.

Trim Landscaping

Security camera system Russellville ARTrees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements will grow throughout the year, so trim them back periodically so branches and leaves won’t obstruct the video surveillance system’s lens. Keep your camera and its mount free of nests from birds and other wildlife so sight lines remain clear. If even a corner of your video feed is blocked, it could be a costly problem in an emergency.

Maintain Cables

Cables often are the first part of a security camera system to fail, whether it’s due to a loose connection to the recording box or a frayed cord. If your cables need to be repaired or replaced, don’t try to do it yourself. Electrical components are dangerous if you don’t have experience with them, so it's best to call a security system professional.

If you need to have your surveillance camera checked or are looking to install one, Digital Alarm Systems in Russellville, AR, has solutions you can trust. They offer not only installation and maintenance for the security system industry’s leading brands but 24-hour monitoring. Contact them online or call (479) 970-6798 to request an estimate for a commercial or residential security camera system.