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Leonard Kundel, DMD, Discusses How ALF Differs From Traditional Orthodontics November 13, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
Leonard Kundel, DMD, Discusses How ALF Differs From Traditional Orthodontics, Manhattan, New York

The difference between transformation and re-arrangement is a matter of structure. Re-arrangement ignores structure—the absence of symptoms does not equate to the absence of the problem. Traditional orthodontics seeks to invade, push, and pull against the face; the face is simply seen as a few problematic teeth rather than a complex system.

Leonard Kundel, DMD, serving clients in Stamford, CT, and NYC, instead uses a transformational orthodontics system, which allows for the growth of healthy teeth, facial bones, and airways. It provides greater functional and aesthetic benefits than a few mechanically re-arranged teeth. This technique, known as advanced lightwire functionals (ALF), places a small orthodontic device behind the bottom teeth, encouraging proper oral posture, the key to proper growth.

Oral Posture 

IdealLeonard Kundel growth in any area of the body depends on a few conditions. Human growth is adaptive—just as straight posture can prevent future back pain, the growth of the face is influenced by proper alignment of structures in the mouth. By keeping the tongue on the roof of the mouth, the lips closed, and breathing through the nose, the bones and soft tissues of the face are permitted to grow without interruption, enhancing both appearance and function. ALF maintains this proper alignment gently and without limiting a full range of oral movement.

Enhanced Appearance

After ALF treatment, children experienced similar trends in facial growth: their airways enlarged, eyes relaxed, and horizontal growth enhanced. The creation of more horizontal space gave more room to the teeth—possibly preventing their teeth from needing more alignment correction.

ALF typically enhanced head forward posture, hiding children’s underbites, producing wider and more symmetrical faces, and allowing easier respiration. The functional benefits of facilitated respiration are noteworthy. Children without obstructed airways typically have reduced incidence of sleep apnea, fewer mood swings, greater clarity of thought, and a reduction in sleep walking.

A More Comfortable Procedure

Braces rotate and push teeth through the gum. This mechanical force causes a considerable amount of pain, and children cannot wait to have them removed. With gentle ALF treatment from Leonard Kundel, DMD, your child will experience little pain, the appliance used is barely visible, and you won’t need to schedule monthly appointments to maintain its function. This device is completely stable.

The ALF system is not about moving children’s teeth painfully around their mouthes. It sees the teeth as part of the face: one of many parts that will grow properly when the right conditions are met. When you’re considering orthodontics for your children, opt for a system that understands their body as a process—not a problem to be straightened out. Visit Leonard Kundel, DMD’s website today to find out more about ALF, and schedule your initial consultation by calling (203) 487-6020.

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