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Local Contractors Answer 5 Questions About Air Conditioning Repair September 5, 2017

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Local Contractors Answer 5 Questions About Air Conditioning Repair, Eastern, West Virginia

When outdoor temperatures are high, the last thing you need is for your AC to break down. HVAC repair is common during the summer, but it’s normal for homeowners to have questions about what to expect when their air conditioning contractor comes to the door. Located in Frankford, WV, Total Tech has answered the five most common questions that customers have about having their AC fixed.

5 FAQ About Air Conditioning Repair

How Do I Know Whether to Repair Or Replace My System?

Most air conditioning systems have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years, and older systems sometimes aren’t worth the price of repairing. To determine which decision makes the most financial sense, use the 5,000 rule and multiply the age of the equipment by the repair cost. If this sum is less than $5,000, then you’re better off repairing your unit. If it’s over, then a complete replacement would make more sense.

Am I Under Warranty?

If your system is less than five years old, it might still be under warranty. This can potentially save you money on repairs, so be sure to check the label on the outer surface of your equipment for a manufacturer date on your equipment.

How Can I Avoid Future Repairs?

air conditioning contractorDon’t wait until something breaks to have an expert look at your HVAC. Scheduling regular maintenance helps your A/C maintain high cooling efficiency by keeping ducts and vents clean and allowing air to flow freely. Your air filter should also be changed once every three months to minimize allergens, prevent dust buildup and encourage circulation.

Is a Noisy System an Issue?

Air conditioning units tend to be quiet, so if you’re hearing an excessive amount of noise coming from your equipment, there is likely a repair that needs to be addressed. Constant vibrations can cause hardware to become dislodged and cause a rattling sound. An off-balance fan or loose bearings can also cause your unit to vibrate, while a hissing sound is indicative of a refrigerant leak or high pressure levels.

Why Does the A/C System Keep Freezing Up?

If your air conditioning is freezing up, normally low refrigerant, a dirty evaporator coil, or a defective blower motor are to blame. These are issues that can be corrected by your technician during a repair.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, the air conditioning contractors at Total Tech are equipped with the skills and knowledge to solve any HVAC problem. This local business specializes in installation, service and repairs, maintaining indoor air quality, and keeping your humidifiers and geothermal systems in top condition. Learn more about their services online or by calling (304) 497-3849.

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