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4 Reasons to Hire an Excavation Service for Your Property August 30, 2017

Greece, Monroe
4 Reasons to Hire an Excavation Service for Your Property, Greece, New York

Excavation is required in several situations, such as the construction of a building, demolitions, landscaping projects, and well installation. It is also a crucial step before you can lay the foundation and install the electrical and plumbing system.

Here’s why it is best to hire a professional excavation service for these projects:

  • They Help Prevent Damage to Your Property: Land clearing requires professional know-how to eliminate any risk of erosion and siltation. Excavation contractors know the exact angles from which to approach it to avoid damaging adjacent structures and environmental features. They use the right methods to provide the highest quality of work. Due to their experience, fewer errors are to be expected. 

  • excavationThey Are Equipped With the Right Machines: When dealing with excavation projects, you’ll encounter different types of soil. Contractors are equipped with the right machines that help them handle even the toughest conditions. Hitting a rock, for instance, will require drills or other specialized digging tools to chip it out.

  • They Complete Work Quickly: Compared to traditional ways of digging, excavation contractors can ensure a faster turnaround. Thus, labor expenses are also reduced. These experts are trained to use powerful high-grade machines to get the job done quickly. Plus, with their experience they can provide the right solutions for different issues.

  • They Are Fully Insured: Reputable excavation contractors are licensed, insured, and bonded. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that you are protected in case an unfavorable situation comes up. Insurance protects not only you or your company from liability in case a worker gets injured but also your property from any damage that may occur.


Whether you need excavation services for paving or asphalt parking lot repair, you can rely on R&W Paving in Hilton, NY, for quality results. Apart from your excavation needs, these contractors also offer driveway sealing and sealcoating. Call them at (585) 225-8733 or visit them online today.