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Why Even Homes in Nice Neighborhoods Need Security Systems August 30, 2017

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Why Even Homes in Nice Neighborhoods Need Security Systems, Waterford, Connecticut

Regardless of how nice your neighborhood is, you can benefit from investing in a thorough security package that keeps your family, home, and possessions safe. In 2015, the FBI reported property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $14.3 billion. Crime, as well as environmental threats, can happen anywhere, so never leave your home’s safety to chance. A security system is the best way to provide peace of mind that your home is protected from any outside threats.

3 Key Parts of the Ultimate Home Security System

1. Security Alarm Systems

An alarm monitoring system is a highly effective and easy way to protect your home or business. It can decrease burglaries significantly, as the sight of an alarm sign alone can discourage intruders from attempting to enter your property. Homeowners should choose an alarm system that is monitored 24/7 and notifies the police the second the alarm is triggered. An external siren is also a great way to frighten off burglars and alert your neighbors that something is wrong.

2. GPS Tracking Systems

security systemAnother item that requires theft protection and monitoring is your car. GPS tracking systems, which provide real-time vehicle locations, are easy to install into your family car. In addition to tracking your vehicle in the event of theft, GPS tracking systems help you monitor teens or elderly family members to ensure they’re safe behind the wheel.

3. Environmental Monitoring

You must also consider environmental threats that pose a risk to your family’s safety. Environmental monitoring services can alert you to the presence of harmful chemicals in the air, including carbon monoxide and propane gas. It can also be used to detect frozen pipes and monitor flooding in your home, both of which can cause serious damage if not addressed quickly.


Interested in upgrading your home’s security package? The experts at ASP Security Systems have provided Waterford, CT, with top-quality equipment since 1972. Give them a call at (860) 442-2016 to discuss a customized security system specifically designed to protect your home. Visit the company’s website for customer testimonials and to check out a breakdown of their services.

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