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Erie's Trusted Locksmith Shares How to Avoid Losing Your Keys August 21, 2017

Erie, Erie
Erie's Trusted Locksmith Shares How to Avoid Losing Your Keys, Erie, Pennsylvania

You’ve had your coffee, gotten dressed, and are ready to face the day. But when the time comes to leave the house, you suddenly can’t find your keys. Lost keys can turn an otherwise calm morning into a stressful event. At Dr Auto Lock - Erie in Pennsylvania, their full-service locksmith can help. They share that while you could keep a steady supply of spare keys at home, it’s best to avoid losing them in the first place.

Here, their locksmiths offer a few tips to help you avoid the trouble caused by lost keys:

  • LocksmithHang Them Up: While it takes time to establish a new habit, putting your keys in the same spot every time you come home will reduce the chances of misplacing them. One simple key storage solution is to place a key hook by your most used entrance. Once you get in the habit, you’ll know your keys are always waiting for you on the hook.
  • Use a Large Keychain: Keychains come in many different colors and sizes, and the larger it is, the easier it is to spot. If you keep losing your keys, consider replacing that small piece of metal or plastic with an oversized one. This way, you’ll have to locate only the large chain rather than your small car key in the morning.
  • Make Them Glow: Rather than struggling to look for your keys in a dark bag or under the sofa, use a glow-in-the-dark keychain or tape a reflective strip to the base of the key. This will make hunting for your keys easy, and, with the help of a flashlight, you can find them quickly even in the darkest places.

Lost keys can be a hassle. Fortunately, the experienced locksmiths at Dr Auto Lock - Erie can quickly make a duplicate key and offer lockout assistance. Visit their website for more information on their auto, commercial, and residential services, and call (814) 838-5625 to make an appointment. 

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