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Do Insurance Policies Cover Items in Storage Units? September 1, 2017

Do Insurance Policies Cover Items in Storage Units?, Anchorage, Alaska

If you're planning a major renovation, moving to a smaller residence, or simply need to store a few items for some time, renting a storage unit is a great decision. However, some people hesitate to do so because they're unsure whether their insurance policy will cover valuables outside of their home. If you're one of those people, International Self Storage has some answers for you. With 30 years of experience in Anchorage, AK, they’re familiar with many insurance companies and their policies.

storage unitHomeowners and renters insurance policies do offer coverage for possessions outside of your home. This is often referred to as "off-premises coverage." However, it's limited. Like all policies, it varies from company to company, but generally, off-premises coverage is capped at 10% of the limit stipulated in your policy. So, if your homeowners insurance policy limit is $100,000, coverage for items left in a storage unit, or any other location outside of your home, would be $10,000.

Since insurance coverage can be limited, it's essential to choose the right storage facility. The conditions of the unit itself should meet a high standard because temperature fluctuations and humidity changes can wreak havoc on a wide variety of objects, such as wooden furniture and books. At International Self Storage, they offer heated storage units to combat the harsh Alaskan cold and protect your precious valuables.   

While insurance companies may not cover everything, International Self Storage ensures your items are safe and secure with a climate-controlled facility and constant monitoring. They have additional information on maximizing storage unit security online, but if you still have any questions or concerns, you can ask them by calling (907) 563-3287.

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