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What's the Difference Between Well & Municipal Water? October 9, 2017

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What's the Difference Between Well & Municipal Water?, Henrietta, New York

Water is an essential element in many day-to-day activities and a crucial factor in your well-being. Most people get their water from one of two places: a well or a municipal supply. Each has its pros and cons, and the water purification specialists at Anderson Water Systems in Rochester, NY, explain the differences.

Well Water

water purificationThis type of water is private, meaning your home draws it directly from a well. Because of this, it isn’t prone to the issues municipal water systems are and isn’t regulated by a third party. Since it’s coming from a well, the water should naturally be much cleaner and healthier. However, because of environmental issues, well water has been subject to contamination. As pollution and waste enter the water table, they eventually work their way to your well. To regulate this, it’s imperative to use water purification resources. Filtration systems ensure your drinking water is safe if you’re in a contaminated area and provide a long-term solution if used properly.

Municipal Water

This water is regulated and treated by the city. The most distinguishing factor is it’s purified using chlorine. To reduce the presence of the element, water filters have become popular home add-ons. Because this water is regulated by the city, consumers are required to pay a monthly bill. This large-scale system requires frequent inspection and cleaning, and the slightest contamination can affect the entire municipal area. However, it remains a convenience for many and can be regulated with proper water purification at home.

In most cases, you don’t get to choose where your water comes from, so it’s best to add safeguards and filtration at home. Anderson Water Systems offers a variety of cost-effective water purification systems that ensure your H20 is safe no matter where it’s coming from. Call (585) 385-6610 today to speak with a representative, and visit their website and Facebook to learn more about their services.

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