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What Is Carpet Backing? August 22, 2017

Chatsworth, Murray
What Is Carpet Backing?, Chatsworth, Georgia

Carpet is a popular choice for flooring because it provides a soft feeling underfoot and will help insulate your house. Holding the carpet together for years to come, carpet backing plays an important role in its integrity. Every type of carpet has a backing system that holds each tuft in place. Made from a variety of materials, each kind of carpet backing serves a different function.  

A Guide to Carpet Backing

Does It Make a Difference?

carpet backingMany homeowners wrestle with the question of whether or not the type of backing that’s on their carpet makes a difference in the way that it performs. In reality, the climate, where the carpet lays, and how much foot traffic it experiences all play a role in which carpet backing is most appropriate for your home.

What Are the Different Options?

There are two common types of carpet backing: primary and secondary. Primary carpet backing is what the carpet is attached to during manufacturing. This backing may get the job done and hold the carpet together for a little while, but it often doesn’t provide the longest life span.

Secondary backing, on the other hand, goes on top of the primary backing, making your carpet more durable and longer lasting. A majority of carpet has ActionBac® backing, which is a synthetic jute made from polypropylene. Polyurethane carpet backing is another popular backing choice. This type is ideal for highly trafficked areas because it is resistant to water, raveling, and zippering.  


If you’re looking for a trusted carpet company, look no further than Georgia Carpet Finishers. Serving the Chatsworth, GA, community and surrounding areas, this company offers a variety of services and products from carpet installation, underlays, and carpet finishing to ActionBac and polyurethane carpet backing. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact the helpful staff by calling (706) 695-3600.

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