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3 Back-to-School Gift Ideas for Your Students August 8, 2017

Royal Lakes, Jacksonville East
3 Back-to-School Gift Ideas for Your Students, Jacksonville East, Florida

Aside from classroom decorations, it’s important to give your new students a small trinket to help them feel welcome on their first day — especially if you teach kindergarten. To help you stay on budget, the Dollar Tree has created a back-to-school gift guide with three simple do-it-yourself projects.

3 Themed Gifts Your Students Will Love

1. Candies

Give your new students a bag of chocolates, mints, or other candies, and attach a note with a welcoming message. The Dollar Tree recommends making a play on words on each note for added fun, such as “I’m so glad you popped into my class,” or “you were mint to be in my class.”

2. Supplies discount store

Whether you’re teaching first or fifth graders, extra school supplies are always a great gift idea. Create welcoming kits with pencils, crayons, scissors, and a notebook, or if you’re on a tight budget, simply give each student a colorful pencil with their name written on it.

3. Novelties

Turn your gift into a fun classroom activity by giving your students a novelty item like bubbles or sunglasses. Then, take them outside to celebrate during recess.

Buy Your Gift Supplies Before It’s Too Late

Students will be returning to school soon, so don’t miss out on your chance to create a personalized welcoming gift for them. Visit your local Dollar Tree to find all your supplies, or visit their website to browse their entire back-to-school collection, including classroom decorations and cleaning supplies.