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Satisfy your craving for froyo at West Harlem?s PINKBERRY. This frozen yogurt shop has taking New York, New York by storm, serving up healthy desserts for every occasion. Pile on the fresh fruit or sinful toppings with your favorite frozen yogurt flavor.

Beyond Hot Fudge: 4 Liquid Toppings That Pair Perfectly With Froyo August 8, 2017

Harlem, Manhattan
Beyond Hot Fudge: 4 Liquid Toppings That Pair Perfectly With Froyo, Manhattan, New York

From ice cream to froyo, hot fudge is the perfect companion to an assortment of dessert. But, at your local Pinkberry, they believe variety is the spice of life. That’s why the frozen yogurt shop offers four additional liquid toppings sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

4 Liquid Toppings All Froyo Lovers Should Try

1. Caramel

Though caramel is often a cohort to hot fudge, the topping is still overlooked in the frozen yogurt industry. Thankfully, Pinkberry offers this smooth, delicious garnish by the spoonful. Try it with their original tart yogurt or classic chocolate.

2. Strawberry Purée

froyoPinkberry is known for their fresh, never frozen fruit toppings. The the same goes for the liquid variety. So, ask for a splash of strawberry pure on your favorite frozen yogurt if you’re craving an extra refreshing kick.

3. Pomegranate Juice

Want to take your fruity froyo a step further? Then, try their 100% pure pomegranate juice topping. It pairs perfectly with their just fruit tropical mango or blood orange flavors.

4. Pure Honey  

For a burst of added sweetness, don’t forget to try the last unique liquid toppings: pure and natural honey. It goes great with almost any flavor, especially Pinkberry’s new low-fat milk ice cream.

Sample All 4 at Your Nearest Pinkberry!

Ready to give these unique liquid toppings a shot? Then, visit your nearest Pinkberry today! For more on their delicious flavors and mix-ins, check out their website.