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What Is SEO & How Does It Affect a Business? August 17, 2017

Glassboro, Gloucester
What Is SEO & How Does It Affect a Business?, Glassboro, New Jersey

SEO — search engine optimization — is a technique businesses can use to boost their online presence and visibility on Google®, Bing®, Yahoo®, and other search engines. The goal is to use keywords effectively on your website and within blog posts to help your website rank high when a potential customer is searching for a product or service your business provides. When a customer performs an online search, he or she will click on one of the first results. The higher your business website or social media page ranks, the more likely a customer will find you online.

SEO Helps Local Customers Find You

If you own a business that caters to local customers, you want them to see where you are located so that they can find you. Including the name of your city or region and a relevant keyword — related to your product or service — on your landing page helps boost your SEO locally. You can also boost local SEO by adding or verifying your business listing on Google.

SEO Helps Target Motivated Customers

SEOSimply attracting visitors to your website doesn’t increase your sales or help your business. The ideal visitors are potential customers — consumers who have a need or desire for the product or service you provide. SEO helps you target your audience and draw in ideal visitors through the use of content keywords. Words and phrases that speak specifically to the motivation of the customer you hope to attract can boost the right kind of traffic to your website, which can increase your sales and build your business.


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