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Top 5 Dog Collars You Need to Know About August 22, 2017

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
Top 5 Dog Collars You Need to Know About, Jacksonville East, Florida

If your four-legged best friend needs a new dog collar, choose from the stylish, American-made options at Over Under Clothing. The Jacksonville, FL-based brand has American clothing and dog supplies in retail shops all over the southeastern United States in addition to a fantastic online store. Each dog collar is well made, comfortable, and eye-catching to provide your pooch with an extra-special accessory:

5 Dog Collars to Spoil Your Pup

1. Finest in the Field

dog collarsThis versatile collar is made of genuine English bridle leather and comes with a five-hole adjustment and solid brass hardware designed to withstand the elements. Available in 15” to 23” sizes, each Finest in the Field collar includes a 4” adjustment and sports the custom Over Under shotgun shell on the loop keeper.

2. Boykin Spaniel

Inspired by the tireless water dog of the same name, the Boykin Spaniel Collar is a sky-blue ribbon option featuring a Boykin canine under a palmetto moon. The collar is available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate most doggy necks.

3. Water Dog

Another wonderfully-durable dog collar, this accessory is made with dura-hide, the brand’s durable "1" ripstop nylon interior webbing. Additional fabulous features include a polyurethane waterproof outer coating and solid brass hardware. The collar is available in 15" to 23" sizes and five bright collars.

4. Old School Camo

The camo print was reimagined by the outdoor lovers at Over Under Clothing to feature quail, duck, grouse, goose, and their signature Labrador retriever. Old School Camo is a durable ribbon collar ideal for your sport-loving canine, with sizes ranging from small to extra-large.

5. The Sunday Driver

Beautifully-lined with deerskin, The Sunday Driver is also made with genuine bridle leather and features the same stunning brass hardware and Over Under shotgun shell. The inside of the collar includes gold foil stamping with Over Under's "Preserving the Sporting Lifestyle" motto and their signature lab logo. It comes in the same sizes as Finest in the Field and Water Dog.

If you’re ready to choose a high-quality dog collar, Over Under Clothing offers a variety to please any pup. You can also personalize your pick by adding a custom brass nameplate to any of these stylish and long-lasting selections. Learn more about the 100% American-made brand by calling (904) 619-0577 or visiting the company online today. Keep up with Over Under Clothing on Facebook for fun updates.

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