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5 Reasons to Hold a Burial Service September 1, 2017

5 Reasons to Hold a Burial Service, ,

If you're arranging a funeral for a loved one, you have several decisions to make regarding the services to honor the deceased. While non-traditional memorial services are becoming more frequent, burial services are still one of the most common types of funerals because they are often beneficial to the attendees. The simple, traditional format of a graveside service makes it a good choice for almost anyone.


A burial service requires very little in terms of planning. If you can arrange a grave, a casket, and someone to officiate at the ceremony, you have everything you need for a graveside funeral.


After a loss, tradition and routine can provide comfort to those left behind. A graveside service is a long-standing tradition in America, and it’s what many people think of when they picture a funeral. This familiarity will guide and reassure those who attend.

Natural Setting

Burial ServicesEven in the most difficult times, being outdoors is soothing. While they may seem like small things, air, sunlight, and greenery can help soften the emotional blow of saying goodbye to a loved one.


Burial services are compatible with many religious traditions for mourning and acknowledging death. You may want to talk to a religious leader about officiating, and consider religious iconography for the grave marker.


Death is difficult to process, but certain factors can make it easier. One of the most important is getting closure. Seeing the casket lowered into the ground can help the mind accept the finality of the situation.

When you meet with your local funeral home director to arrange your loved one's funeral, keep burial services in mind. This simple, traditional option is an excellent choice to memorialize the deceased and help their loved ones to move on.


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