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Kalispell HVAC Experts Explain How Long Different Systems Last August 28, 2017

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Kalispell HVAC Experts Explain How Long Different Systems Last, Columbia Falls, Montana

Like everything else in your home, your HVAC system has a limited life span. But how do you know how long each individual component is expected to last? If you were curious about how long different HVAC systems last, All Valley Mechanical can help. With more than 15 years experience, this family-owned and -operated company provides quality heating and cooling services for both residents and businesses throughout the Kalispell, MT, area.

According to their experts, these are the average life spans of the most common HVAC systems:

  • HVACHeaters: From furnaces to heat pumps, heaters can last about 15 to 25 years. The range is partly due to the variety of systems; for example, heat pumps fall on the lower end of the spectrum, lasting only about 16 years, while furnaces can continue ruining for up to 25 years.

  • Air Conditioning Units: Unlike heaters, air conditioners tend to go out more quickly, with an average life span of just 12 to 15 years. To keep them lasting longer, change out the filters regularly and tend to any refrigerant leaks immediately.

  • Thermostats: Lasting two to three times longer than air conditioning units, thermostats can continue for up to 35 years. However, with so many technological developments, you may want to replace them sooner; numerous smartphone-compatible units are available today that make it easy to fine tune your home to precisely fit your needs.

  • Electric or Gas Water Heaters: Traditional tank water heaters last for 10 years, at best. Regardless of how it's powered, don't forget to have the tank emptied to remove the sediment from the bottom; too much of it can cut down the years significantly.

  • Tankless Water Heaters: The tankless variety can last 20 years or longer. While this longevity comes with more long-term financial savings, it also comes at a higher initial cost, so keep that in mind when making a decision for your home or business.

Whether it's an air conditioner or a water heater, the best way to prolong your HVAC system’s life span is with maintenance; always follow the recommendations laid out in the owner's manual, and don't forget to schedule professional service work! If you're in the Kalispell area and are unsure about the condition of an HVAC component in your home, turn to All Valley Mechanical for assistance. Give them a call today at (406) 730-8500 to schedule an inspection, and visit their website for more information on their services. 

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