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The Evolution of Foot Reflexology September 5, 2017

Sea Girt, Sea Girt
The Evolution of Foot Reflexology, Sea Girt, New Jersey

Foot reflexology has been around for ages. It originated in ancient China and has changed quite a bit over time as other cultures have discovered its effectiveness and adapted it to their own needs and beliefs. Reflexology by the Sea in Sea Girt, NJ, has a team of highly trained reflexologists who are are well versed in an array of holistic medicine and healing techniques. They can also provide information on the rich history of foot reflexology, from its beginnings to modern uses.

Traditional Chinese Approach

Reflexology has roots in acupuncture, which is the ancient Chinese method of applying pressure to certain points on the body to relieve common maladies. Chinese medicine takes an individualized approach to healing, one many medical care providers are attempting to emulate today. Balance is crucial in this case for both treating existing conditions as well as preventing new maladies from occurring. The first instance of foot reflexology can be traced back to Rwo Shur, which entailed putting strong pressure on the feet to induce healing.

European Influences

Noted traveler Marco Polo foot reflexologywas introduced to many concepts from China during his excursions. Massage techniques were just one idea Polo brought home to Europe, and these influenced something called Zone Therapy. This entailed using massage as a form of physical healing, which was virtually unheard of in Europe at the time. Similar practices spread through the continent as people recognized the usefulness of holistic healing.

An American Take

Eventually, these practices made their way to the shores of America. This was due in no small part to Dr. William Fitzgerald, who used pressure point therapy of the hands, nose, and throat. He even constructed a grid of pressure zones on the body, which were meant to induce healing at different levels. This eventually evolved into a form of foot reflexology wherein the feet were thought to be analogous to the different parts of the body.

Reflexology by the Sea takes ancient healing arts and applies them to the modern health needs of its dedicated patrons. Learn more about foot reflexology by visiting the website today. You can also call (732) 266-7734 to schedule an appointment in Sea Girt.