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3 Things to Expect During Your Fence Installation August 24, 2017

Clinton, Island
3 Things to Expect During Your Fence Installation, Clinton, Washington

Fences are an asset to any property, providing privacy and a safe place for your family to enjoy time outside. When your fence has been damaged or destroyed and you need of a replacement, it’s important to know what to expect from the installation process. Fence installation is a multi-step process and involves several moving pieces, so it’s good to be prepared before the project begins. 

If you’re planning on putting a new fence on your property, here are three things you should know about the fence installation process:

  • Survey the Land: Before any fencing can be installed, a team of contractors will come out to survey the land. After the land has been cleared for construction, you can work out a pricing estimate that you’re comfortable with and talk through the timeline of the project with your contractor.
  • Plan Post Location: Homeowners will work with a contractor to design the fenced area and determine what type of materials they want to use. Once the blueprint has been finalized, it’s time to install the posts. The contractor will dig holes in the yard just large enough to fit the posts, ensuring that they’ll hold up to all weather and wind. Depending on the posts you’ve chosen, you may need to use weighted bottoms to keep the posts in place. Once they’ve been installed, your contractor will need to wait a few days for the posts to settle before the fence installation process can continue. 
  • Add the Stringers: The “stringers” on your fence are the horizontal bars in between each post. The contractor will install these for support as well as other vertical posts that provide aesthetic appeal. If you’re adding a gate to your fence, this is the stage when the hinges and doors will be installed.


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