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Why Land Surveyors Are Useful for Construction Projects August 30, 2017

New Britain, Hartford County
Why Land Surveyors Are Useful for Construction Projects, New Britain, Connecticut

As tempting as it may be to lay down a foundation fast, the most successful construction projects only proceed after surveyors examine the property. Serving all of Connecticut, Flynn & CYR Land Surveying has earned a reputation as the region’s top land surveying company. With their immaculate precision and hands-on experience, these professionals make an outstanding ally in any construction project. 

Here are three reasons why hiring a surveyor is so important for your construction project:

  • Legal Issues: Making a mistake with the boundary line of a new property can be a tremendously costly error. Not only do you open yourself up to the possibility of a lawsuit for encroaching on someone else’s land, but you will also have to shoulder the costs of tearing down and rebuilding. To avoid financial and legal headaches, have a surveyor inspect the property and double-check the boundary markings. 
  • Building Accuracy: A key element of any surveyor’s work involves measurements. The pros will work hard to determine if the records your engineers and planners have been working with match the data on the ground. If there is a mismatch, it’s important to know before building starts, so an adjustment can be made. Otherwise, the spacing error may not be discovered until midway through the construction process, necessitating costly delays ansurveyord rebuilds. 
  • Topographic Awareness: As convenient as it is to imagine that every parcel of land is perfectly flat, the reality is, irregularities are all too common. Your surveyor will track these shifts in the landscape, so you can develop a plan to smooth out land that’s too uneven. Once you have the results from the surveyor, the land will no longer be an unknown, and you’ll be able to proceed to construction with full confidence. 

If you have any construction projects lined up in the near future, don’t forget to contact professional land surveyors. You can speak to Flynn & CYR Land Surveying by calling (860) 828-7886. For more information about the survey company, visit their website.

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