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What Kind of Soap Should You Use for Your Down Comforter? August 29, 2017

Mason, Warren
What Kind of Soap Should You Use for Your Down Comforter?, Mason, Ohio

Down comforters and pillows are investments into your comfort, but the simple act of putting them through the washer could ruin them. DOWNLITE is your online source for all your down bedding, and along with selling high-quality products, they want to help their customers take good care of their purchases. The loose and fluffy nature of down allows the material to trap air and insulate heat. It gives you that cloud-like warmth you love, but it also makes washing a bit tricky. Before you throw your down bedding in the washer, remember not all soaps are the same.

A Guide to Washing Your Down Comforter

Why Soap Matters

down comforterThe best part about down products is the loft. This term refers to the air-filled fluffiness that traps warmth between the fabric and keeps the user cozy without overheating. When the down material comes in contact with something wet, it clumps together. If it’s only water, the feathers will eventually dry and return to their natural fluffiness. But if the substance is heavy, like most kinds of laundry detergent, the down can lose its loft for good. Instead of being light and separated, the down will bunch together and gather into hard, sodden lumps. There’s no way to fix this problem, and your only real solution is to buy a new comforter.

What Kind of Soap Is Safe

When choosing soap for your down comforter, look for brands that specifically advertise for down. They typically have phrases like “down-suds” and “down-wash” to indicate the detergent is engineered to preserve the integrity of down products. Nikwax® is a well-known brand, and Woolite® also makes a down-safe detergent. If you can’t find any of these products, dishwashing soap can also be used. Dawn® dish soap is one of the best options. Use a front-loading washer — or an eco-friendly top loader without agitators — and put the dish soap where you would normally put detergent.

Down comforters should only be washed about once a year. Too much exposure to soap and water will shorten its lifespan, but you can keep your bed clean by choosing a duvet cover that can be washed more often. If you have specific questions about caring for your down bedding, call DOWNLITE at (866) 931-3696. You can also start shopping for your new comforter on their website today.