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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding August 24, 2017

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Vinyl Siding, Wentzville, Missouri

Your home’s vinyl siding helps keep it protected and gives your exterior a unique, one-of-a-kind look, but it needs proper maintenance to stay in good condition. Moore’s Siding in Wentzville, MO, understands that if you’re not a home remodeling expert, you may not know how to keep your siding in top condition, so they’ve compiled a few maintenance tips for you. 

If you want to keep your vinyl siding looking great year-round, follow these three helpful maintenance tips from Wentzville’s home remodeling experts: 

  • Clean Dirt Quickly: Your home’s siding can easily become dirty, whether from dust in the air or mud kicked up from the ground during a rainstorm. It’s important to wash dirt away quickly before it starts eating away at your siding. Moore’s Siding recommends hosing down your vinyl siding or pressure washing it occasionally to ensure it remains clean; just wash it on a low setting and avoid letting water enter in between its seams. 
  • Remove Mold & Milvinyl-sidingdew: Your vinyl siding can easily develop mold and mildew, which needs to be cleaned as soon as possible to prevent extensive staining and other damage. You can purchase a mold and mildew removal solution from your local hardware store or create your own bleach solution. Beforehand, wet down or cover any adjacent plants to protect them from harm, then scrub your siding with a tough-bristled brush. 
  • Fix Bent or Curved Siding: One of the most common siding issues is damage from high winds or UV rays, which causes your siding to warp, bend, or pull away from your home. If you notice such problems, have it repaired immediately to prevent leaks and other damage to your home’s interior. 

Keeping your siding well maintained will prevent costly home repairs and increase your curb appeal. To learn more helpful maintenance tips, contact the professionals from Moore’s Siding today at (636) 327-7159. You can also visit them online to learn more about their services. 

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