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4 Ways Dentures Can Improve Your Life September 8, 2017

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4 Ways Dentures Can Improve Your Life, Columbia, Maryland

It’s not hard for teeth to suffer damage over the years, whether from sudden accidents or gradual wear and tear. If you are a mature adult or a victim of oral trauma, you may be debating dentures. Luckily, Dr. Rajendra Desai, DDS, PA, is a certified prosthodontist in Columbia, MD, and an expert on teeth replacement options. Here, he lists four ways dentures can improve your daily life.

Why You Should Invest in Dentures

1. Improved Diet

Eating can be difficult with missing or weak teeth. If you begin to avoid dietary staples—such as meat or crunchy vegetables—to reduce the pain, your overall health will suffer. Furthermore, many cultural and social events happen around food. Dentures will improve your confidence and allow you to enjoy these occasions without pain or embarrassment.

2. Cosmetic Confidence

Some issues can’t be fixed with basic cosmetic dentistry. Dentures offer a permanent solution that will boost your overall self-esteem. They also fill in gaps, resulting in a fuller face and prominent jaw line. Whether you are at work or out with friends, dentures prevent tooth issues from hindering your daily activities.

3. Easier Communication 

denturesMissing teeth can affect the anatomy of the mouth, which can result in speech difficulties. You may have trouble enunciating certain syllables or slur your words. After getting used to dentures, however, you will regain the ability to communicate clearly.

4. Smile Protection

As you lose teeth, the remaining ones will begin to shift. If they move too far, the roots may become loose, which puts them at risk of falling out. Dentures will fill the space and keep surrounding teeth in place far better than crowns and bridges. Plus, gaps leave enamel more exposed to food and plaque on all sides. Dentures can mitigate the risk of decay by protecting all sides of your real teeth.

These long-term improvements in your daily life are certainly worth the cost of dentures. Whether you need full or partial tooth replacement, you can trust Dr. Rajendra Desai, DDS, PA, and his 35 years of experience. Call (410) 997-7412 to schedule an appointment or send them a message online to request more information. 

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