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Which Wedding Flower Arrangements Are Best for Your Big Day? August 16, 2017

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Which Wedding Flower Arrangements Are Best for Your Big Day?, North Haven, Connecticut

The bouquet is an important part of your wedding. And while they may look similar, there are a variety of wedding flower arrangements to choose from for your big day. The team at Forget Me Not Flower Shop prides itself on providing the finest flowers for your big day in North Haven, CT. Here, they explain the different types of bouquets available to help you make the right choice.

4 Most Popular Wedding Bouquets

1. Cascading Bouquet

As the name implies, the cascading bouquet consists of a waterfall of flowers that are draped in front of the wedding flower arrangements. These bouquets make a dramatic statement, so it’s a good idea to keep the dress and accessories simple.

2. Posy or Round Bouquet

Posy bouquets are a classic choice for brides. They are small bouquets consisting of mostly flowers. Round bouquets are similar in size, but the flowers are shaped to form a dome. They’re usually made with roses or peonies and often use just one color.

3. Hand-Tied Bouquets

wedding flower arrangementHand-tied bouquets are fastened with ribbon or twine. They exude a freshly picked feel because they contain an assortment of flowers and greenery. These bouquets are often chosen for rustic weddings.

4. Composite Bouquets

Composite bouquets are created with individual flower petals. These are then wired together to shape a single blooming flower. This is a unique option as well as one of the most expensive.

Do you know which wedding flower arrangements suit you best? Give the staff at Forget Me Not Flower Shop a call at (203) 248-7589 to ask about their selection. You can also stop by their North Haven store and talk to the friendly florists about which bouquet is the best choice to match the style of your wedding gown. View their website to view their online gallery.

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