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5 Characteristics of an Excellent Bouquet of Get Well Flowers August 14, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
5 Characteristics of an Excellent Bouquet of Get Well Flowers, Manhattan, New York

Sending get well flowers to loved ones or friends recovering from a surgery or illness can uplift their spirits and inspire a positive outlook. While any token may let them know you’re thinking of them, professionally arranged floral bouquets will show just how much you care.

Here are five characteristics of a well-designed bouquet of get well flowers:

  • Bright Colors: Bouquets meant to invoke a positive, vibrant mood use bright-colored flowers, such as daisies. Light-colored and exuding a buoyant mood, daisies are an inspiring sight. Blue flowers such as hydrangeas or lavenders bring visions of summer beaches underneath blue skies with their pleasant scent helping create further positivity.

  • Long Lasting: Apart from their cheerful appearance, daisies are perfect get well flowers because they can be fresh and beautiful for a week. Peonies and pansies can last up to a week as well, and both complements daisies perfectly.

  • No Allergens: Before choosing your bouquet, make sure to know any potential allergens. Certain variants, such as carnations and roses, could trigger someone's allergies. Avoid making their condition worse. Aside from allergens, strong scents could also trigger nausea.

  • Delightfully Scented: Scents can help release endorphins upon inhalation. Strongly scented bouquets are not advised, as they could induce headaches, lightheadedness, or nausea. A bouquet with a mild, subtle scent can brighten up the whole room and make the recipient’s stay more bearable.

  • get well flowersA Reminder of You: Lastly, personalize it with a card that has a thoughtfully crafted message. Your bouquet must exude your personality, which may be the best source of positivity for a sick person.


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