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What Is the History of Vehicle Wraps? August 28, 2017

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What Is the History of Vehicle Wraps?, Texarkana, Texas

Whether they’re for marketing or aesthetic purposes, vehicle wraps are a popular alternative to paint to change the appearance of your car. According to the commercial signage professionals at Yonderland Creations in Texarkana, TX, this method is cost-effective and helps to protect your vehicle from sun exposure and other hazards. But these useful products haven’t always been around. 

vehicle wrapsVehicle wrapping can be traced back to the early 90s in the United Kingdom. Taxis were re-styled and their paint covered with vinyl wrapping. In 1993, a German distributor decided to wrap their black taxis in beige vinyl so they could easily re-sell them at the end of the vehicles’ lifespan. 

After this, more industries began to take advantage of the vinyl technique for marketing purposes. Businesses could wrap their vehicles with various colors and advertisements to draw attention to their products and services, expanding their audience as cars drove to different locations. Options even changed to include gloss, matte, and color-changing vinyl wrapping.

At the time, only larger companies could afford these services, but technology began to emerge in the 21st century that helped change this. New computers, piezoelectric inkjet printers, and large format graphic design software programs made it an efficient and affordable service for businesses working on any budget. Today, even non-commercial clients task local companies with revamping their rides using the cost-effective solution. 

The vinyl wrap industry continues to flourish through innovation and enhanced installation practices. If you’re looking to schedule vehicle wrap services to promote your business, you can count on the custom sign professionals at Yonderland Creations. Call (903) 832-7446 to discuss your ideas with a staff member. You can also visit their website for more information about their list of services or to browse their portfolio of previous work. 

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