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7 Reasons to Hire an HVAC Contractor for Maintenance August 17, 2017

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7 Reasons to Hire an HVAC Contractor for Maintenance, Penfield, New York

It’s easy to think that hiring an HVAC contractor is just an added expense for your home or business. However, heating and air conditioning units improve the quality of air in your property. If they fail to perform this function efficiently, room temperatures may reach uncomfortable levels. They will also require more energy to operate, adding stress that could shorten the appliance's lifespan and drive your utility bills up.

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an HVAC contractor for regular maintenance:

  • Prevent Frequent Breakdowns: HVAC units are complex machines that use potentially hazardous chemicals. The smallest malfunction may cause repeated breakdowns.

  • hvac contractorClean All Possible Obstructions: Dust and dirt accumulate in fans, filters, and condensing coils, which make the machines inefficient in regulating room temperatures.

  • For Professional Recommendations: Specialists can recommend operating procedures and additional services such as duct cleaning, which help prevent breakdowns and reduce debris accumulation.

  • Prolongs Appliance Lifespan: Annual cleaning performed by an HVAC contractor can help you save on additional expenses from potential reparation and replacement costs.

  • Lower Operational Costs: Provided that your property is insulated properly, your appliance will operate better and require less power to function with regular maintenance.

  • Superior Equipment & Methods: Professional contractors only use the best equipment and tried-and-tested procedures to identify and clean debris that can keep your unit from performing optimally.

  • Helps the Environment: Any appliance that optimizes its use of energy is better for the environment than the alternative. A clean unit is one example. Regular maintenance and cleaning lower your property's carbon footprint through less power consumption.


Accumulated dust and dirt in your filters and fans could lead to the entry of harmful contaminants into your home. If you need an HVAC contractor who can help, Advanced Heating & Cooling Co in Penfield, NY, offers excellent heating installation, cleaning, and repair. Contact them at (585) 381-2590 or visit them online to see a list of the services they offer.

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