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Do You Need a New Roof? 3 Ways to Tell If It's Time August 17, 2017

Gardiner Lane, Louisville East
Do You Need a New Roof? 3 Ways to Tell If It's Time, Louisville East, Kentucky

You never know exactly when disaster is going to strike, but you can learn to respond appropriately and protect your home with a little know-how. Your home may suffer from roof damage without you even knowing it, and damage left unknown and unrepaired can eventually mean an expensive new roof. Do you have considerable roof damage? Here are three ways to tell.

Missing Shingles

If your area was hit by severe weather, it’s a good idea to contact a residential roofing company to assess the damage. If you are only missing a few shingles, you may only need simple roof repair to prevent further issues. However, if there is a lot of granule loss—the material that protects shingles from UV light and heat—or you notice tar inside your home, a new roof may be the best course of action. Make sure to check the age of your roof before you call an inspector. If your roof is over 10 years old, you may not be completely covered by insurance.

Damaged Roof Valley 

new roofNot all shingles are created equal. A few missing shingles from the siding of your roof is no sign for alarm. However, if you notice broken or detached shingles in the valley of your roof, getting a new roof may be necessary. Roof valleys are used to help rain and snow slide down your roof into the gutters. If this area is damaged, you may be more susceptible to leakage. It is important to note that damage caused by leaks such as mold or flooding may only be covered under an additional policy, so be sure to confirm your coverage with your insurance company.

Spongy Roof Surface

You may not be able to see any physical damage, but your roof could be suffering from more severe internal issues. If you walk on your roof and notice that it has a springy or spongy bounce to it, it could mean that moisture has weakened its stability. Two ways to check this are to see if any light shines through your attic during the day or if there is any water in your insulation. These are serious signs of roof damage and should be addressed immediately.

In every case of possible damage make sure to contact a professional roof contractor who can assess the situation, analyze what will possibly be covered under insurance, and help you file a claim. It’s a good idea to take a picture of your roof when it’s in good shape and take a shot of the damage afterward to show your insurance company a side-by-side comparison.


Are you worried you may need a new roof? Contact the roofing experts at US National Roofing in Louisville, KY! From gutter repairs to roof assessments, they have the experience, skills, and customer service to manage all your roofing needs. Give them a call at (502) 804-4944 or visit their website for more information about available services.

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