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A Kalispell Dental Clinic Highlights 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Toothpaste August 25, 2017

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A Kalispell Dental Clinic Highlights 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Toothpaste , Kalispell, Montana

With aisles full of options, most consumers usually just pick the toothpaste they’ve grown used to—or whatever is the most affordable. However, Greenery Park Dentistry encourages patients to spend a little more time looking over these options, as certain varieties offer necessary benefits, while others may actually detract from your oral health. To help you narrow down your choices, this Kalispell, MT, dental clinic highlights a few key points to consider when selecting the right toothpaste for you.

As you browse the dental care aisle, focus on the toothpastes that offer:

  • Fluoride Protection: Fluoride is a natural component that helps protect teeth in two different ways. First, it reduces the destructive effect acids and bacteria can have on teeth. Second, it can actually help reverse early decay by remineralizing enamel that has eroded. If toothpaste contains fluoride, it should be listed in the ingredients. However, the easiest way to spot fluoridated products is to look for the American Dental Associated (ADA) Seal of Approval. The ADA only approves toothpastes that contain fluoride and are proven to be safe and effective dental clinicfor oral health.
  • Specific Benefits: Toothpastes can contain many other ingredients beyond fluoride that offer specific advantages. For instance, people who have slight discoloration may benefit from using peroxide-based whitening toothpaste for long periods of time. People who have early stages of gum disease, known as gingivitis, can use toothpastes that contain triclosan, an ingredient that fights bacteria known to contribute to gingivitis. Tartar control toothpaste are another popular option that contain abrasive agents to help prevent plaque from forming.
  • Sensitivity: If you have tooth sensitivity, the type of toothpaste you use can trigger tingling or sharp sensations. Whitening toothpastes, for example, are often not recommended for people with sensitive teeth. There are also several over-the-counter products designed to help reduce sensitivity. If these options aren’t effective, ask your dentist about prescription toothpastes that can limit your symptoms.

The type of toothpaste you choose can have a great effect on your overall dental hygiene, but it’s just one factor you need to keep in mind. It’s also important to talk to your dental clinic about what types of toothbrushes and floss may be best for your teeth.

Providing everything from comprehensive dental cleanings to laser procedures, Greenery Park Dentistry is a leading choice for those looking to take their oral health to the next level. Serving patients in the Flathead Valley region, this dental clinic specializes in providing personalized care and developing customized treatment plans to ensure you receive the best treatment for your profile. Visit them online to learn more about their advanced dental care services, or call (406) 755-6116 to schedule an appointment at their office in Kalispell, MT.

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