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Top 4 Computer Aided Design Jewelry FAQ November 13, 2017

Garment District, Manhattan
Top 4 Computer Aided Design Jewelry FAQ, Manhattan, New York

For hundreds of years, jewelry artisans have worked their craft using mostly the same techniques with the periodic addition of new tools and technology. Changing the way that fine jewelry is crafted, computer aided design (CAD) offers an updated technique with which many consumers aren’t familiar. The professional jewelers at Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting Co. in New York City are knowledgeable about this new system and answer a few frequently asked questions about CAD below.

Top 4 FAQ About Computer Aided Design Jewelry

What Is Computer Aided Design (CAD)?

Using an advanced computer program, CAD systems can create and modify jewelry designs virtually. This program can analyze the piece of jewelry to make sure it’s suitable for manufacturing before the design is finalized.

What Are the Benefits of CAD?

computer aided designOne of the biggest benefits of CAD is its ability to analyze a design in regards to its measurements and details without making a physical mock-up. The system’s unlimited modeling capabilities allow the jeweler to have their designs appear as reality with just a few clicks.

How Is Jewelry CAD Different From Other Types?

Like most pieces of technology that are industry-specific, jewelry CAD features tools and shortcuts to make the design process simpler, faster, and better overall for jewelry making.

Are My Designs Protected?

With CAD, your jewelry designs are protected and secure. The confidentiality of this technology is supplemented with non-disclosure agreements—if you choose to go that route.  

If you’re looking for a trusted jewelry manufacturer that offers computer aided design for jewelry, look no further than Frank Billanti Jewelry Casting. Conveniently located in New York, NY, this jeweler offers a variety of services and products from metal casting to jewelry assembly to the CAD system. For more information, contact the helpful staff by calling (212) 221-0440 or visit them online today.

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