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3 Ways Equipment Repairs Improve Energy Efficiency in a Commercial Kitchen August 25, 2017

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3 Ways Equipment Repairs Improve Energy Efficiency in a Commercial Kitchen, Charlottesville, Virginia

If you manage a commercial kitchen, you know how important it is for all your appliances to be running as efficiently as possible. Energy efficiency is crucial for keeping your kitchen sustainable and your monthly utility bills as low as possible. The best way to ensure energy efficiency is to keep up with appliance repairs and equipment maintenance on a regular basis. A routine equipment repair schedule will help you keep an eye on your appliances’ wear and tear and give you better insight as to how energy efficient your kitchen is over the course of time. 

3 Reasons Regular Equipment Repair Will Keep Your Kitchen Running Efficiently

1. Keep Appliances As Good As New

Most commercial kitchens are furnished with high-efficiency equipment when they are initially designed. By doing regular maintenance and keeping each appliance as clean as possible, you can make sure the machinery you use on a day-to-day basis is running just as efficiently as it was the day you bought it. Over time, grime and dust can build up on both the interior and exterior of your appliances, making them work harder to produce the desired results. A quick cleaning once a week will keep them powered up and ensure they waste as little energy as possible. 

2. Keep the Cold Locked In

equipment repairRefrigeration is a major part of keeping a commercial kitchen up and running, but as most kitchen managers know, a refrigerator can be a significant drain on energy. Rather than spending money on a faulty refrigerator that lets cold air out constantly, bring in a team to perform regular equipment repairs to ensure the doors on your fridge and freezer are locked securely and the coils are always clean. Making sure cold air stays inside the appliance will keep food fresher; plus, it will lower your utility bills. 

3. Keep Your Team Updated

Running a commercial kitchen effectively means keeping each member of the team on the same page in terms of energy conservation and general upkeep practices. By reinforcing regular equipment repair and maintenance tactics, you and your kitchen staff can operate in a more streamlined way to keep each appliance working as efficiently as possible. Bringing in a team of professionals to check your refrigeration equipment and assess the need for appliance repairs should be done on a strict schedule to keep the kitchen running smoothly. With the team working together on a tight maintenance schedule, you can make your kitchen a well-oiled machine.


If you run a commercial kitchen and need a reliable team of techs to service your appliances, call Tech-24 for the highest-quality service. They are known for being quick to respond to their customers’ needs and will ensure your equipment repairs are taken care of efficiently. Visit them online to learn more.

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