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How to Protect Your Privacy With Windows 10 August 28, 2017

Charleston, Staten Island
How to Protect Your Privacy With Windows 10, Staten Island, New York

If you have Windows 10, then you also have access to a cutting-edge tool: Cortana, a voice-activated virtual personal assistant. While such technology is meant to make your life easier, it requires access to certain information to function, which can present privacy concerns. Here, the laptop repair professionals of Alpha Laser Richmond in Staten Island, NY, explain simple steps you can take to keep your data secure.

Take these steps to control how much information Windows 10 can track and share:

  • Protect Your Calendar, Contacts & Browsing History: Cortana works best when it’s also able to track your speech, handwriting, and typing patterns. For maximum function, it also looks at your calendar, contacts, and browsing history—that’s a lot of personal info! You can turn this off in the privacy settings under “Speech, inking, and typing”.
  • Safeguard Your Location: Sharing location data can be harmful, especially if hackers breach your system. Choose “Location” in the privacy settings and you can turn off this sharing—or even choose which apps, if any, have access to your whereabouts.
  • copier repairBeware of Syncing: While syncing is meant to be helpful, it can also be unnecessary. To eliminate it, go under your computer’s “Accounts” settings. You can edit the sync settings to apply to some devices and not others—for instance, if you want your laptop synced with your tablet but not your phone.
  • Protect Your Lock Screen: Anybody can view your lock screen. You might not always want certain info visible here. Go under your system settings and you can turn off lock screen notifications.
  • Combat Advertising: Targeted advertising can be jarring. One day you write an email asking about your friend’s new baby; the next thing you know, your email sidebar is flooded with baby product ads. To combat this, go to “General” in your computer’s privacy settings. You’ll still see ads but they won’t be targeted.

New technologies like Cortana can be useful—but it’s important to understand exactly how they work and what information they use. Trust expert PC and laptop repair specialists like those at Alpha Laser Richmond to give you the facts you need. Located in Staten Island, NY, these professionals provide computer expertise, as well as printer and copier repair. To discuss your needs, call the laptop repair experts directly at (718) 317-1263 or visit their website today. 

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